Travel Health Insurance Coverage

Travel Health Insurance Coverage

Travel health insurance coverage can be a necessary supplement to your existing health insurance policy. Even if you are lucky enough to have health insurance, your existing policy may offer only limited benefits if you fall ill or are injured while visiting a foreign country. Some health insurance policies may not cover you at all when traveling outside the U.S. and some health insurance policies may limit your coverage even if you travel within the U.S. especially if your policy includes a limited network of approved medical providers.

If you plan to travel outside the United States, it is a good idea to check the fine print in your health insurance coverage. Many health care policies contain exclusions that could leave you with the responsibility of paying for health care services and much more. If after checking with your insurance carrier you discover a gap in coverage if you travel outside the U.S., you can purchase additional coverage though the cost of travel health insurance can vary depending on where in the world you travel.

As with a standard health insurance policy, travel health insurance coverage might contain exclusions and exceptions so be sure you understand the details before buying any type of travel health insurance coverage. Depending on the limitations of a particular policy, travel health insurance coverage will pay for a wide variety of medical services and treatments. Some deductibles and co pays may be required and there may be limits to the total of benefits paid for any single injury or occurrence. Even if your existing health insurance policy covers medical expenses incurred while travelling abroad, other expenses such as local ambulance services and other types of emergency medical transportation may be excluded.

So before you travel abroad, check your health insurance policy and consult with a qualified insurance professional to make sure you are covered in the event of an accident or illness. The expense of travel health insurance can be well it providing you the peace of mind and security to enjoy you travels.

This information is provided only as a good faith guide. Always consult a qualified insurance or legal professional.

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