The Name “Kate Middleton” Is Not Brand

The Name “Kate Middleton” Is Not Brand

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton and Prince William

Fashion dress with frill name “Kate Middleton” make a lot of retailers rake in profits. However, the head of the royal household has issued a warning about it. The name “Kate Middleton” is not a brand. Not to fashion dress name or clothing of any kind.

As quoted from Vogue, using the name of Kate Middleton as a brand to sell replica clothing or ‘fashion item’ , can make a retailer sued. Although no written rules about this, head of the royal household and legal experts have issued this warning.

“We do not mind if the clothing company called ‘Kate dress’, Kate Middleton is not specific to Catherine. But the scenario would be different if the outfit was called Catherine or Kate Middleton, the impact on the copyright or if the company is in endorsed by Catherine,” said the head of the royal household.

As is reported earlier, clothing which used the name Kate Middleton faster sold and sold well. Do you remember the blue overalls that she used when announcing her engagement? Blue overalls, Issa Helayel draft was immediately sold out in just one day. Meanwhile, the white dress from Whistles and Reiss who selected her to photograph her engagement is planned to be re-released next month.

“If Kate Middleton could prove that the people buying the dress because her name, then the company (retailers who use the name Kate) could pay tens of thousands of pounds in court,” said attorney Eric Ramage when he told the Daily Mail.

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