Can Herbs Help to Quit Smoking?

Can Herbs Help to Quit Smoking?

If you are thinking to quit smoking, you may want to use a stop smoking herb as opposed to use some other products advertised in the media for quitting smoking.

Quit smoking is something that most people find it very hard. Moreover some say that it’s the hardest thing they’re every done or tried to do. Many stop smoking products on the market show that they can help you quit smoking easily. Since most of them may be successful, many of them also involve putting other substances into your body system in one method or another. The unlucky thing about this is that many dangerous side affects come with the substances we’re putting in our bodies.

Nowadays more and more people are choosing to use healthy products in their daily life as a way to further improve their health and promote further good health. Health stores are making more sales than they have ever done in the past.

Herbs have been used for hundreds years for almost any ailment there is. Many smokers have chosen herbs in their battle to stop smoking as well. One of the most common stop smoking herbs available is licorice root.

Licorice root is a kind of safe non-toxic herb that has a sweet taste. Other names you may have heard it are known as Gan Cao, Radix Glycyrrhizae and Glycyrrhiza Uralensis Fisch. If you are doing study about this herb, you may be able to get more data by using the many other names as well.

Other general uses for licorice root are for Addison’s disease, vital energy tonic and sore throat. While many of these symptoms are same with smokers, this becomes the reason why licorice roots have become good as a stop smoking herb. Moreover this product can be buy from most health food stores.

Another popular stop smoking herb is Lobelia which comes from the Lobelia plant. Lobeline is an ingredient like nicotine which replaces the nicotine in your body without causing an addiction like the one you get from nicotine. An advantage of applying Lobelia is that you can fulfill your craving without the usual withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit smoking. This herb is strong but you should consult with your doctor before you start taking it. Lobelia is available in a few different forms like pills, gums and even an inhaler.

Many other stop smoking herbs are also available in the market. Some may not make you quit smoking however are effective with the withdrawal symptoms. Mimosa is one of the stop smoking herbs that can help with nervousness, depression, anxiety and headaches.

Smoking is a physical thing as well as an emotional thing because any smoker will attest. Most of the stop smoking herbs will help not just your body but also your habits as well like Indian Tobacco.

Since you smoke Indian Tobacco, you are getting your smoking sensation but you are not getting the harmful nicotine. Other recommended stop smoking herbs are Coltsfoot, Horehound and Mullein. These herbs will make you to cough that will help clean out your lungs. Regardless of which stop smoking herb you prefer, any of them definitely will be healthier than smoking.

John K Lam, who has studies various medical studies and manage to quit smoking successfully, willing to share his experience through website where you can get Free Copy and Useful Information about Quit Smoking and Stop Smoking Herb.

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