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Plain Yogurt
Plain Yogurt

What is your dessert today? Do you know the healthiest dessert? It is believed that yogurt is the healthiest dessert. Actually a cup of plain yogurt can supply us with 13 grams of protein, 447 milligrams of calcium, 43 milligrams of magnesium and 573 milligrams of blood pressure-lowering potassium.

We may be unrealized that by getting this non-fat plain yogurt versions can trim off almost nine grams of fat. More over, if the yogurt is combined with fruits, it will give you more fiber and vitamins. This good choice of yogurt will prepare you to have a healthy lifestyle.

The Real Causes of Diabetes

Over the years, the scientist continuously searching the ample evidence for the diabetes causes. It is hardly to understand the whole causes for diabetes, but there are several causes that already widely known by the scientist.

The sufficient research stated that somebody with a diabetes history in his family would have a 33% higher chance of mounting diabetes than a person with no such history. This real fact proved it is a genetic condition. However, the genetic condition is not the merely causes for diabetes. Whoever consume proteins, fats and processed foods in great amount also will have the high risk to develop diabetes. Why protein and fats? Because they are the bigger sources of food will be transformed into sugar in our body mechanism.

Moreover, the fact showed that 85% of people who suffered the obesity is highly risky in developing the diabetes because the excessive present of fatty tissue in the body will make the insulin did not function effectively. The last factor that can be contributed to develop diabetes is when too much stress in our life. Unfortunately, it will give the negative impact on our metabolism and guide to sugar in the urine.

All the factors are involving the way of our daily life. We can choose either a healthy lifestyle or unhealthy lifestyle. The choice is always there. We choose what we want to be!

How to die in the morning?

A scientific research by Dr. George Miller of Britain’s Medical Research Council has reported that high fat meals can make the blood more prone to clot within 7 to 7 hours after eating.

The fact showed most of the heart attack cases occurred early in the morning. They maybe took the high-fat dinner and then caused the clotting effects. So, the researchers suggested by cutting fats from diet will keep your heart to be more fit, healthy and longer life.

The ample fruits, vegetables, vegetarian diets and low-fat sources are the healthiest meals for heart. If you are heart attack patient, eating high-fat meals during dinner will prepare you to die in the next morning!

It is mentioned before that fat can supply an energy source to our body. More than that, fats are also having another’s kind of real function. What is the real function of fats?

In our body’s chemistry, fat plays an important role in our diet. As an example, for those who want to lose some weight, they should decrease the bad saturated fats in their daily diet. While for those who want to gain weight, they should thinking in increasing the present of good unsaturated fats in diet.

Fat in certain amount around the vital organs such the kidneys will give fortification against damage and cold. The special fat which is unsaturated fatty acids are needed in the body’s cells in certain amount to avoid roughness of skin. More than that, fat is needed to carry the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K through the body.

It is proven that small amount of fat is really important in our diet to have a healthy life. Just make sure the unsaturated fat will be the first choice.

As already known, the fat is part of the essential healthy diet. But, what kind of fats is good for our body? Actually, there are two kinds of fats that are saturated fats and unsaturated fats.

The unsaturated fat is the one you should include in diet plan. It will provide twice the energy value compared to the carbohydrate or protein. On the other hands, the saturated fats must be avoided or kept to a minimum intake in diet. The sources of foods such as meat, eggs and dairy products can surplus your body with cholesterol.

It is risky if the cholesterol in form of saturated fats is overload in our bloodstream. It can form the waxy deposits on artery walls and hinder blood flow. So, it is important to plan a healthy diet because what we eat today will be nourishment in our cells later.