Coconut Oil Popcorn – Recipe and Calories

Coconut Oil Popcorn – Recipe and Calories

Coconut is widely used for different purposes – our mums use it to give a finishing touch to a cake, chemical industries use it to enrich body milk, body shower lotion etc. You can even find coconut fragrances. As you can see, spectrum of uses is very diverse, many industries use it for refining different products.

But, coconut has a special place in the kitchen – it can be used for cakes (as aforementioned), or it can be used for popcorns, for example. Well, you can’t exactly bake popcorns with coconut, but you can use coconut oil for that.

Coconut oil popcorns are special type of delicacy – in further text you can find recipe for it. The process of making coconut oil popcorns is not complicated, as you will see, so give it a try and surprise your family with these delicious popcorns.

coconut oil popcorn


If you want to prepare something, the most obvious thing you’ll need are ingredients. You won’t need too much ingredients for coconut oil popcorns because their preparations is very simple. For start, you’ll need one large heavy bottom pot, where you’ll prepare your popcorns. Other basic ingredients you’ll need include:

• ½ cup organic popping corn
• 1 ½ tablespoons coconut oil
• sea salt

This is all what you’ll need for basic preparation. Adding optional flavorings is totally possible, and the it would be the best for you to choose between these flavorings:

• cinnamon and sugar
• curry powder and pepper
• cayenne and cumin
• chili powder and cumin
• taco flavoring and nutritional yeast
• nutritional yeast in combination with cumin or chili powder
• onion salt and oregano with parmesan cheese
• lemon zest and dill weed

Some of these flavorings may sound strange to you, but the weirdest combinations turn out to be the best.

making popcorn with coconut oil


1. Heat your pot maximum to medium heat – be careful, you don’t want to over medium heat because, in that case, your popcorns won’t be as delicious as they can be.

2. The second step is quite simple – all you have to do is to add the coconut oil and wait until it’s completely melted. Whit that done, you can continue with preparation. Here you can do a check – put a few kernels into the pot and if they’re popping, then the oil is ready.

3. Once the oil is hot enough and the ‘’testing’’ kernels have popped, you can put the rest of the popcorns and cover the pot.

4. Upon hearing the popping of the kernels, it seems as pure logic to start shaking the pot. Continue to do so in 10-second intervals, right up to the point when you hear the popping become slower. From then on, either turn off the heat or remove the pot and give the kernels one last 20 seconds long shake in order to prevent the burning of the bottom popcorn.

5. After you no longer hear the kernels popping, put the popcorns into a bowl, add salt and optional flavorings.
Depending on the accuracy of measuring the exact amount of the ingredients, one cup of coconut oil popcorn typically contains from 58 to 75 calories.

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