Game Industry Needs More Women

Game Industry Needs More Women

The title almost says it all, more than 90% of the Game industry’s developers is comprised of men which for the men working there is great. But, there’s indisputably a massive amount of untapped workforce; women, who may just need that little nudge of encouragement to discover the reality of game development and realise just how amazing this industry is to work in. Be it in the sound department, writing, directing, producing, business, marketing or art, none of those skills solely tied to men and we would all benefit if more of these suited and passionate women reinforce our industry. Not because they’re women but because the caged potential we’ve scratched the surface of in the game industry is only the result of a male-dominant workforce.

Part of it is our image as an industry. We’re slowly pulling ourselves out of the unsocial basement nerd stereotype that outside media has a very bad habit of reinforcing. We’re escaping that thanks partly due to the sheer overall growth of the industry in terms of pushing the boundaries of the medium as a whole and gaining a much larger demographic of loyal, dedicated and willing consumers. We also have respectable speakers like Ian Livingstone, trade bodies like UKIE, initiatives like Women In Games International, industry-tied schools like FZD School of Design and cross-industry associations such as the TV, Film, Book and Toy industries to thank for the industry’s gradual maturity, too. But we’re not done yet – a more relevant presence has to be felt in schools and studios need to be accessible now more than ever to the people that may contribute to and even lead the charge of the those studios one day. Else the old-fashioned, closed-platform approach to the world will never reach out to those few individuals that may just walk your studio to the top and shake the industry for the better.

I wish I had a definitive answer but my best suggestion so far would be to support the women that want to take the plunge or are already in this industry. If you’re a developer then keep as open a development cycle as you can. If you’re a consumer, respect that there are women out there that game just as good and better than you. If you’re a woman, there’s probably something relevant to your interests waiting to be picked up by you – especially since your interest probably drove you to read this far. The bottom line is to support the equality of women working in the game industry. If this creatively-driven industry is the result of mainly men, think about what the other half of the world can do to this incredible medium we can all call our past time.

I couldn’t fit all of that in the title but otherwise, the title pretty much says it all

Tweet it, share it, let us know what you think and more importantly let the women and the world know the doors are open and our industry needs their skills right now! While you’re here, check out the three developers at the top and their accomplishments. These are just Three of hundreds of passionate, humble and accomplished women and examples of what the industry could be missing out on. Women – step up!